Thursday, November 1, 2007

Tanjore glass paintings

In this technique Tanjore paintings are done on glass. This is similar to reverse glass painting. The effect is one of stunning clarity and rich color adding the beauty.


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Method of Tanjore glass painting

Material required

  • Glass paints,
  • outliner,
  • Oil paints,
  • gold dust and the required medium for it,
  • aluminium foil

    Let’s start

    Choose a design of Tanjore Style

    Stick the design with tape on the corners and make the outline of the design using glass outliners on the reverse side of the glass. You can use black colour outliner or any colour of your choice. (To make outliners at home check out glass liners)

    First put glass paints for shiny items like jewels, decoration etc....Wherever you stick stones in ordinary Tanjore painting, you have to put glass paint here. Better to use only red and green colour. Only they are very bright and suit for Gods. Make sure they don't come out of the outline. Clean any smudges then and there.

    Step 4
    Later mix gold dust with medium and apply as background for jewels etc...

    Step 5
    Then apply the oil paints with proper shading. Oil paints take a long time to dry, so start painting from top to bottom.

    After drying frame with the Aluminium foil background for enhanced effect.

    Hope this information has helped you . Do have a look on links to find tanjore painting designs on your right. Do post your comments and ideas on the tag board on the right. If you are interested in other forms of painting then click the link below

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    So just start and decorate your house with these inspiring and glittering Tanjore art pieces.


Varshini said...

You have done an excellent work of sharing ur knowledge on these paintings.I do Tanjore paintings and it was so nice to read ur write ups on madhubani and miniature paintings.Keep up the good work.

Gayathri said...

Excellent work! Your painting of Lord Ganesh is so beautiful. I have done a couple of tanjore paintings - but always wanted to learn tanjore glass painting. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I have one do you frame a tanjore glass painting?

Sethukkarasi said...

I have the exact same painting of Ganesha done by my mother-in-law, but when she sent it to me the glass cracked in the top left corner.. can you guide me on how to fix it, thanks.

thought said...

Thanks Varshini... If you really liked y blogs checkout my new blog about paper quilling craft
hope you like that as welll

thought said...

Hi Gayathri
You can do open framing of Tanjore glass painting....

Preethi said...

Thanks a ton..
me and my sister are planning to one next week.. we had a little idea, but this really helped.

Ruby said...

Excellent Blogging. I like your good work. Awesome painting.

Sudhaa Gopinath said...

Hi, Loved your painting!!!
Looking forward to see more works from you. A small clarification: Did you use glass outliner or the fine tip permanent marker pen?? The outline is really fine. Check out my blog for paintings and do leave your valuable comments so that i can improve.

jaya said...

Thank you for the info. It sounds pretty user friendly. I guess I’ll pick one up for fun. thank u.
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Viji Sakthi said...


Thanks a ton for the procedure.
But I have a query.

After I traced the design onto the glass, the design tends to fade away. so is there a way to make the traced design non erasable??


Oes India said...
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Varna Creations said...

Thanks for sharing your valuable information on Tanjore paintings.

Nidhi Sharma said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful painting,nice blog...!

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